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"Lost: Season 1 Episode 1" Plot summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Lost: Season 1 Episode 1. See if you'd be interested in it...

Director: J.J. Abrams

Summary by Will Milton

Plot summary:

A man awakens, clothed in what was once a smart suit but now is torn and bloodstained. He is laying alone in a bamboo forest with only an unfamiliar dog for company. As he climbs to his feet, he winces from his obvious injuries, and gingerly pulls a small vodka bottle from his inner pocket. Desperately he begins running through the foliage, passing a significantly mysterious plimsoll before arriving at an exquisite beach. The serenity is a momentary illusion as screams and chaos erupt – there is a falming plane wreck scattered across the beach, one engine still spinning menacingly, surrounded by dozens of terrified survivors.

The beach is rife with danger, but the man unhesitatingly begins pulling the wounded from the wreckage and directing survivors to safety. One disorientated man walks perilously close to the spinning engine and is sucked in, causing an explosion that fires shrapnel in all directions. The man remains resolute through the chaos as he examines a traumatized, heavily pregnant woman. Leaving her safely in the care of another man, he reveals his name to be Jack. Rushing from one emergency to another, Jack saves an unconscious woman with CPR moments before dashing back across the beach to clear the area where a segment of the crashed plane is about to fall. He succeeds miraculously, diving to safety as the toppling wreckage ignites and explodes one last time.

The chaos subsides as Jack surveys the wreckage and, in a solitary moment, he breaks into tears for an instant before regaining his composure to seek out some supplies to tend to his own injuries. Retreating from the beach, Jack inspects his wounds, one of which requires stitches. By chance he encounters a female survivor who appears lost and confused, and persuades her to stitch him up despite her initial reluctance. She gathers herself to come to his aid, and the two share an immediate connection. Back on the beach a solitary survivor smokes a cigarette while casting his gaze across the carnage. The sun is setting, and the pregnant woman paddles in the gently lapping sea. A man with a cut across his eye sits peacefully staring over the horizon, while an Iraqi man tirelessly labours, enlisting survivors to help build a fire. He is Sayid, and he introduces us to Charlie, a diminutive but enthusiastic Englishman. Meanwhile, Jack talks with the woman who stitches his wound. He tells her an expositional story about how he overcomes fear; a story which reveals that he is a skilled surgeon, and provides her with valuable courage. Their connection blossoms swiftly.

That night Sayid and Charlie sit by the fire, discussing their concern that there has been no immediate sign of a rescue. A beautiful young woman sits nonchalantly painting her toenails, arguing with her young male companion. The pregnant woman warms herself by the fire, and is given food by the kind man who had stayed with her after Jack left. A man offers futile comfort to his despondent son, and a stern Korean man, speaking in his native tongue, commands his apparently melancholic wife that she must not leave his side in this place.

Jack and his female cohort are examining a badly injured survivor, whom she says was sitting next to her on the plane. The pair describe the crash, recalling that the plane broke up mid-air, the tail section and its inhabitants landing somewhere far from their location. The two decide to seek out the cockpit in hopes of finding something useful. As she and Jack exchange names, we discover hers is Kate. The moment is violently interrupted as nearby trees topple, the earth rumbles and bestial roars accompanied by inexplicable, almost mechanical sounds explode from beyond the tree line. The survivors stand united in fear, eyes fixed towards the hidden source of the chaos; they’re not alone in this place.

Flashback: Jack is sitting on a plane in flight, peering out the window onto the wing. He exchanges some flirtatious remarks with a stewardess, and is about to head to the bathroom when he is hastily shoved aside by a hooded man; a man who appears to be being pursued by the airline staff. The plane rattles with turbulence, and Jack offers some comforting words to a woman across the aisle – she is the woman whose life he will later save with CPR. She mentions her husband is in the bathroom. The shaking of the plane gets worse, going far beyond ordinary turbulence – passengers are thrown off their seats, the plane begins losing altitude and the oxygen masks deploy.

Present: Anxious survivors gather on the beach, exchanging theories about the horrifying sounds of the previous night, as a solemn-faced Jack looks on in preparation for his excursion into the jungle. Kate removes some boots from the feet of a deceased passenger to wear on the hike, and her eyes meet those of the man with the cut across his eye. He offers her an unexpected, poignant smile. Other familiar survivors are gathered in a circle as the kind man who had looked after the pregnant woman brings up the issue of the corpses in the wreckage. Jack informs this group that he and Kate are heading inland in search of the cockpit, and Englishman Charlie volunteers to join them.

They begin their trek into the jungle. As they travel, Charlie reveals to Kate that he is part of a moderately famous band named Drive Shaft. Jack remains focused and humourless on the subject, insisting they press on with the hike. The dog Jack saw when he first awoke sits unnoticed nearby, casting a watchful eye on the trio as a roll of thunder announces an impending storm. Back at the beach, the man with the cut on his eye is a solitary figure, sitting eerily still as the thunderclouds form above him. The storm breaks out, and as the beached survivors rush for shelter, this mysterious man remains seated on the sand, embracing the rain with a jovial smile. Nearby, trees shake and topple amid the thunderclaps; whatever lurks in the jungle is on the move.

As Jack, Kate and Charlie arrive at the cockpit, it rests near-vertical against a colossal tree, shrouded in darkness by the storm and hammered relentlessly by the pouring rain. The three begin climbing the seats of the aisle, passing unfortunate crash victims as perilous creeks and shifts of the precariously-balanced wreckage threaten. They force open the cockpit door, and Jack and Kate clamber inside to begin searching for a transceiver. Shockingly, they discover the pilot is still alive. As the storm persists in its assault on the jungle, Jack reveals there are at least 48 survivors, and 16 hours have passed. The pilot is distressed at the lack of a rescue, and reveals that when the plane hit turbulence, it was 1000 miles off course; if anyone is looking for them, they are searching in the wrong place.

As Jack and the pilot discover the transceiver is broken, Kate finds a very guilty-looking Charlie lurking suspiciously in the plane bathroom. As she begins to question him, they are interrupted by an almighty crash and ear-shattering roar – whatever they heard roaming through the jungle earlier is right outside. They hunker down, praying it will pass by. Carefully they peer out the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of their stalker, when the pilot is suddenly and violently torn from the cockpit. The plane section tumbles, and Jack manages to grab the damaged transceiver before the trio flee into the rain-drenched jungle. Charlie and Jack fall behind, while Kate hides terrified among the trees. Her panic threatens to destroy her before she recalls Jack’s words about conquering fear. She calms, and bravely steps out once more into the jungle. The terrifying noises have stopped, and the torrential rain suddenly ceases as Kate reconnects with Charlie. Jack’s whereabouts are uncertain, so the two reluctantly head back to search for him. Creeping through the saturated foliage, they soon find Jack unharmed, beneath the unfortunate pilot that was snatched from the cockpit - his mangled corpse is tangled among the highest branches of a huge tree. This horrific sight is not enough to overturn their relief at being safely re-united, and the episode ends as the trio question what sort of terrible power could have caused the pilot’s grisly demise...  

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