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"Lost: Season 1 Episode 2" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Lost: Season 1 Episode 2.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Director: J.J. Abrams

Summary by Will Milton

Plot summary:

Jack, Charlie and Kate hike through the forest back towards the beach, trying to get some life out of the transceiver and showing signs of frustration after their harrowing experience. Kate enquires as to why Charlie was in the bathroom on the plane and he claims he was vomiting from fear. Kate reassures him then walks ahead, unknowingly receiving a look from Charlie that suggests his dishonesty.

Flashback: A desperately agitated Charlie sits on the plane, shaking and sweating enough to arouse the suspicion of the flight crew. He observes them talking, and hastily begins to flee towards the bathroom. A familiar moment passes as he pushes past Jack on his way through the aisle, and as the flight staff attempt to pursue him without alarming the passengers, the plane enters its first signs of turbulence. The distraction enables Charlie to reach a vacant bathroom just behind the cockpit, where he locks himself in. He pulls a small bag of heroine from his shoe, hurriedly rubbing the powder into his gums as the flight crew insistently knocks on the door. His relief is clear, and as he proceeds to reluctantly throw the illicit substances into the toilet the plane violently shakes. Charlie is thrown from the bathroom into the aisle, narrowly avoiding a flying suitcase before strapping himself into an empty seat and applying an oxygen mask. He looks around in fear at the disastrous inevitability that looms.

Present: On the beach, the beautiful but apparently stuck-up blonde girl sunbathes in the midst of a group effort to salvage items from the wreckage. Her male companion pleads with her for help, but she stubbornly refuses, arguing the rescuers will be there soon. The pregnant woman asks her if her companion is her boyfriend. The girl reveals it is in fact her brother, named Boone, whom she describes as “God’s friggin’ gift to humanity”. The pregnant girl remarks that she used to have a flat stomach, and worriedly states that she hasn’t felt the baby move all day. The sunbathing girl offers a concerned look but no words of comfort.

Meanwhile, the smartly-dressed Korean man is foraging in the shallow water. His wife looks on, and is approached by the father of the young boy from the plane. The man is searching for his son, and asks the Korean woman if she has seen him. As her husband glares, she makes it clear that she doesn’t understand and speaks no English. Much to the American man’s amazement, the woman’s husband shouts at her and signals that she must fasten the top button of her blouse. She obeys, and the man apologizes before leaving to continue his search.

The boy, whose name has been revealed as Walt, is holding a dog leash and wandering through the trees in search of Vincent, his lost dog. Walt finds a discarded set of handcuffs on the ground, before being discovered by his Father who chastises him for wandering away from the beach. The tension between the two is very clear, and the disgruntled Walt shows his father the handcuffs. The father look around in concern then brings his son back to the beach.

On the beach, a crowd has gathered around a fist fight between Sayid and a tough-looking blonde man. Jack makes a timely return from his trek and intervenes, along with Walt’s father, to stop the fight. It becomes clear that the enraged Sayid has been accused by his opponent of causing the plane crash. Jack is shown the handcuffs, prompting a concerned look from Kate, as the tough-looking blonde man voices his suspicions of his Iraqi opponent. Kate shouts out to end the ridiculous bickering, asking if anyone can help fix the transceiver. Sayid calms himself and says he can try, much to the consternation of his furious accuser. The kind man that had looked after the pregnant woman before tries to appeal for co-operation, but receives only scorn from the blonde man. Clearly, this is not a man that is keen to win friends on this island. Jack makes him back off, and the man agrees but reveals his contempt for Jack’s ‘heroics’. Sayid says he’ll need time to fix the radio, so Jack leaves to check on a severely wounded survivor.

Later, Sayid is sitting alone, working on the transceiver. The kind man who had tried to appeal on his behalf earlier joins him, berating the ‘chain-smoking jackass’ who had caused them the grief earlier. The pair introduce themselves to each other formally, and the kind man reveals his name to be Hurley. In conversation, Sayid reveals that he has lots of technical knowledge because he fought in the Gulf War...for the Republican Guard.

Alone, further down the beach, Kate takes some time to reflect and bathes in the shallow waters. She is given a friendly gesture by the Korean woman, indicating that she is wanted by someone on the beach. She dresses and heads over there, where Sayid tells her he has got the radio working...but there is no signal and the limited battery makes him reluctant to search around for one. He suggests that they could try getting to higher ground, pointing to a large mountain deep in the jungle...

Meanwhile, Jack is tending to the severely wounded man. There is a large piece of shrapnel in his abdomen, and Jack tells Kate if it remains there any longer the man could be dead within a day. The option of removing the shrapnel is laden with other dangers that could be addressed if there was a hospital nearby. Kate tells Jack that she intends to go with Sayid into the jungle. Jack is extremely concerned, but concedes that she has to go.

Further down the beach, the Korean couple are preparing some food made from the sea creatures the man caught earlier. The food is set out on a tray and he carries it up the beach, followed by more melancholy looks from his wife. After he has gone, she defiantly undoes the top button of her blouse. The Korean man offers the food to Hurley who, despite his obvious fondness for food, is amused at the prospect of eating something that looks so nauseating. Walt is reading a Spanish comic that depicts a polar bear attacking some people. His father asks him if he reads Spanish, and the tension between them remains. The father tries to comfort Walt by offering to get him a new dog when they get home. Walt is upset by this suggestion and storms off. Back over the tree line, a desperate Charlie pulls his drugs from his pocket to satiate his cravings. Among the wreckage, Jack instructs Hurley to begin searching the luggage for prescription medications in the hope he can find some antibiotics. Boone passes and finds his sister sitting alone, crying as she stares at a deceased passenger whom she recognizes from the airport. Boone reveals her name is Shannon, and tells her how unhelpful she is being. She tries to defend herself but ultimately comes across as childish. In defiance, she volunteers to go with Sayid, Charlie and Kate on the hike, prompting Boone to tag along as well. Alone in the wreckage, the tough blonde man who earlier fought with Sayid sits with a cigarette in his mouth, gazing sorrowfully at a handwritten note he pulls from his pocket. The group passes him as they begin their hike, and he makes himself an unwelcome volunteer on the excursion. The group climb the mildly perilous mountain on their journey to higher ground, working as a team to overcome various obstacles on their climb.

Back at the beach, Walt’s father is sitting alone as Jack rummages through the luggage. Jack tells him he’s looking for some sort of blade, then asks how Walt is doing. The man replies with uncertainty, even struggling to recall how old his son is. He tells Jack about Walt’s concern for his dog, so Jack tells him about the Labrador he saw earlier in the jungle. The father is reassured by the positive news.

Down by the water, the man with the cut across his face sits by a backgammon board. Walt appears, asking if the game is like checkers. The pair begins to talk, and it becomes clear that Walt’s mother died recently, and that he has never lived with his father. The man begins to describe the game of backgammon, explaining its ancient origins and defining it as the game of light versus dark. He significantly holds up a white piece and a black piece, side by side. With a look of profound intensity, the man stares into the boy’s eyes and says “Walt, do you want to know a secret?”

The pregnant woman is writing in her diary. The Korean man offers her some of the food he has made, and his insistence persuades her to give it a try. As she eats it, she attempts to mask her distaste before becoming overwhelmed with joy as she feels the baby kick. She forces Jin to feel the kicking, and although he is clearly uncomfortable with the physical contact he acknowledges her joy. She decides she thinks her baby is a boy.

The hiking group, weary from their journey, continue to press on. Sayid and his blonde nemesis continue to bicker as they disagree about testing the transceiver. As their argument heats up, they are interrupted by a bestial roar from somewhere in the long grass. Everyone looks around, startled, as whatever is in the grass is clearly closing in on them. All but the tough blonde man flee, Kate calling out to him to reveal his name is Sawyer. Sawyer pulls a pistol from his belt and fires into the long grass, much to the amazement of his comrades. The beast, a polar bear, finally falls a few feet in front of a bewildered Sawyer, as the group returns and asserts that this couldn’t have been the beast that killed the pilot. The biggest question that arises is: what is a polar bear doing in a tropical jungle?

Jack and Hurley sit over the wounded man, preparing to remove the shrapnel from his abdomen. Hurley shows his humorous disposition, but also displays a squeamishness that may render him more hindrance than help in this venture. Reluctantly, he attempts to persevere, knowing Jack needs his assistance. As Jack yanks the shrapnel out, blood spills from the wound and Hurley promptly faints when Jack asks him to pass some bandages.

Back in the jungle, the group members share their disbelief that they were attacked by a polar bear in this place. Sawyer is quizzed as to where he got the gun from, and he claims he took it from a passenger who was a U.S. Marshal. This prompts Sayid to accuse Sawyer of being the Marshal’s prisoner, and as yet another argument erupts Kate sneakily takes the gun from Sawyer and points it at him. She asks for help taking the gun apart, so Sayid talks her through it. She gives the ammunition clip to Sayid and returns the empty gun to Sawyer, defying his subtle taunts with remarks warning him not to mess with her. He smiles, impressed, as she pauses introspectively at a nearby tree.

Flashback: Kate is on the plane, being offered a beverage by a stewardess. She sits next to a suited man, telling her she should be worried and that she will struggle to make people believe ‘her story’. She is clearly filled with contempt for this man, and as she sips her drink we see that she was the handcuffed passenger on the plane. Evidently, the man by her side is the U.S. Marshal. Suddenly, the plane begins rumbling, and passengers are told to fasten their seatbelts. Kate begins asking the Marshal for a favour, when suddenly the plane violently shakes and a heavy box strikes his head, knocking him unconscious. Kate grabs his keys and un-cuffs herself so she can reach her oxygen mask. She lifts the Marshal’s head and puts his on for him, moments before the plane breaks in half, pulling several unfortunate passengers into free fall. Kate is terrified as the plane is gradually torn apart, and her echoing scream resounds as we are once again returned to her moment of reflection in the jungle.

Present: Jack is tending to the wounded man who unexpectedly awakes, and through his agony he grabs Jack and asks ‘Where is she!?’ – This man is the U.S. Marshal who was accompanying Kate on the plane. The hiking group nears the top of the mountain, and Sayid takes the transceiver from his bag. In seconds, he finds a signal and begins attempting to make a mayday call. The radio buzzes with feedback, suggesting they can’t transmit because something with a far stronger signal is already transmitting from somewhere nearby. As Sayid adjusts the frequency, a female voice speaking French becomes prominent – perhaps a French rescue team has arrived!

Boone tells the group Shannon can speak French, as the transmission reveals that it is on ‘iteration 17294531’ – it is a looped recording, and the battery in the transceiver is almost spent. Boone persuades Shannon to try to translate the message. She begins: “Please...please help me...please come get me...I’m alone now...please, someone come...they’re killed them all”. Clearly it’s a distress call. Upon taking an approximate length of the message, Sayid calculates that this loop has been playing over and over for 16 years and 5 months! In astonishment, the group looks to one another until finally Charlie asks “Guys...where are we?”  

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