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"Lost: Season 1 Episode 3" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Lost: Season 1 Episode 3.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Director: Jack Bender

Summary by Will Milton

Plot summary:

At the beach, survivors are still sifting through what they have salvaged from the wreckage. The wounded Marshal is mumbling fears of a dangerous woman to Jack, who dismisses his words as a side effect of his fever until he mentions handcuffs. The Marshal directs the doctor to his jacket pocket, wherein lies a sheet of paper containing Kate’s police mugshot – now it is clear who the Marshal’s desperate warnings have been about.

The transceiver group hikes back towards the beach, and decides to make camp in a field despite Sawyer’s objections; they don’t want to risk being in the jungle with the monstrous entity at night. Later, they sit around a campfire as Sayid gives a demonstration of just how far away they are from any potential rescuer’s knowledge of where to look. Spirits are already low but Sawyer, displaying a tendency to assign nicknames to his companions, is keen to talk about the haunting transmission they heard atop the mountain. Sayid insists they must not tell the beach dwellers what they heard, as it would take away their hope. Reluctantly the others agree.

Back at the beach, Jack and Hurley are watching over the wounded Marshal. Amid Hurley’s enquiries about the monster being a dinosaur, they observe the wounded man’s infection and comment on the immense pain he must be in. Hurley inadvertently finds Kate’s mugshot, but Jack counters his concern saying Kate’s past is none of their business. Hurley looks worried. As the transceiver group sleeps, Boone is caught by Sayid attempting to steal a flashlight. The group wakes up and Boone claims he was keeping watch. An argument ensues about who should carry the gun and democracy places it in Kate’s hands...

Flashback: A sleeping Kate is awoken by an Australian farmer with a rifle, quizzing her about why she is sleeping in his sheep pen. She is apologetic, claiming she is exhausted from a long hike from town, and she gives her name as Annie. The farmer offers her breakfast, and in conversation she claims to be Canadian, travelling across Australia as a tourist but forced to sleep rough because she ran out of money. She is charming enough that the lonely old farmer warms to her. He offers her room and board and a fair wage in exchange for her helping him on the farm, and he also reveals he has a prosthetic right arm. Kate agrees to stay.

Present: Hurley runs across the beach to tell Jack the transceiver group is back. Sayid tells the survivors that they were unable to find a signal, but given time he could utilize salvaged electronic equipment to try again. He takes command of organizing the survival effort, setting up groups to build shelters, ration food, salvage electronics and gather water. As Jack arrives Kate peels off from the group to join him. She greets him with a beaming smile, then proceeds to tell him the truth about what happened up the mountain. Although Jack is concerned, and grateful for her trust in him, he still attempts to direct her to tell him her personal secret, hoping for an explanation. She says nothing, instead asking about the wounded man. Jack doesn’t tell her what he knows; a shroud of dishonesty descends upon their relationship.

Later, as Hurley continues to voice his concerns about Kate to Jack, the doctor insists it’s not their business and not a problem. Jack reveals that the Marshal will die without stronger antibiotics, and Hurley’s reluctance to search the luggage in the corpse-ridden fuselage prompts Jack to do so himself. As he searches, he hears suspicious noises coming from within. Sawyer appears, staking a claim to any interesting luggage he can find, much to Jack’s consternation. An uncomfortable exchange takes place between them, in which Jack’s nobility is belittled by Sawyer’s cold outlook – he states Jack is still clinging to civilization, while he is embracing the wild.

Meanwhile, Charlie notices the pregnant woman struggling with some heavy luggage. He helps her, breaking the ice to begin a new friendship. The Korean woman presents a suitcase to her husband. He tells her she looks filthy and commands her to go and wash herself. She seems hurt by his words, before he unexpectedly tells her he loves her. She forces a smile, then leaves. Charlie continues helping the pregnant woman, finding out she is unmarried as the pair share a light-hearted exchange. Kate and Hurley meet for the first time, and Hurley does a terrible job at hiding his discomfort. His concern is amplified when he spots the gun Kate has in her belt. She is looking for Jack, and Hurley points her to the fuselage before rushing off to gather water. Another storm is coming, and the beach dwellers are rushing to build makeshift shelters. Kate sneaks into the shelter of the wounded, unconscious Marshal...

Flashback: Kate is gathering supplies and hidden money from the pantry in the farm. The farmer catches her and questions her secrecy; she explains she has trust issues and had intended to slip away in the night. The farmer expresses concern that in three months together, she has avoided any talk about her past. He displays his kindness in wanting to help, and persuades her to stay until morning with the offer to drive her to the train station at dawn. He appears to understand her, saying everyone deserves a fresh start.

Present: As Kate sits silently above the Marshal, he suddenly jolts into life and attacks her, choking her until Jack rushes in and pulls him off. Jack is furious with Kate, asking what she was doing and vocalizing the grim extent of the man’s injuries. Jack is persistent in prolonging the man’s life, despite knowing he will die slowly in terrible pain. Kate suggests putting him out of his misery, which prompts Jack to reveal that he has seen her mugshot. He defiantly states that he is a doctor, not a murderer, and leaves Kate standing alone in the torrential rain.

Flashback: The farmer is driving Kate to the train station. He suspiciously keeps checking his mirror, and Kate becomes aware that he is in fact driving her to be captured by her pursuers. She questions him, disappointed, and he apologetically tells her how he found out she was wanted, and why he gave her up – purely for the $23000 reward money. She tells him Annie isn’t her real name as a black car pulls up alongside them. Kate glares at the car, a look of pure rage in her eyes.

Present: As the rain pours, Walt and his father are huddled beneath a shelter. He asks Walt about the ‘bald guy’ he has been talking to, and Walt reveals the man’s name to be Mr Locke – this is the mysterious man with the cut across his eye. Walt’s father expresses anger that Locke has been telling Walt ‘secrets’, and the two fall out once again over the subject of Walt’s dog, Vincent. As the father insists he will get the dog back as soon as the rain stops Walt looks doubtful, and the instant their eyes meet the rain abruptly stops.

Minutes later, Walt’s father is creeping through the jungle looking for Vincent. He hears some movement and growling in the long grass, and finds himself fleeing from an unknown assailant through the trees until he accidentally comes across the Korean woman – she is quietly washing herself in a state of undress. The awkward moment is almost unbearable for the two, and the man tries to warn the woman of the danger as he apologetically walks away. She appears surprised, but not angry as she acknowledges the incident was not intentional.

The Marshal is quivering in agony through his injuries. His screams can be heard by the nearby beach dwellers, amongst whom are a concerned Charlie and an apparently unfazed Locke. The latter is crafting some kind of whistle out of wood, and Charlie uses the musical link to tell the preoccupied Locke about his band Drive Shaft. Locke appears disinterested, focusing on his craft. Other survivors are shown expressing their upset at what they can hear, so Sayid asks Jack for an update. The doctor informs him that he’s trying to save the man’s life, but indirectly concedes that he can’t. Later that night, Kate is lighting a fire near the dying man’s shelter. Sawyer appears, stating that he wants to thank her for taking the gun from him. He coldly implies that whoever has the gun will have the unenviable task of putting the poor man out of his misery. Kate is alarmed, but appears to accept that he may be right. Meanwhile, Jack is still attempting to make the Marshal comfortable, and through his agony the man continues attempting to warn the doctor about Kate. He assures Jack that she is a master of manipulation, and is not to be trusted. He asks to talk to her alone, and observes the obvious influence she has already had on Jack. Flashback: As Kate looks on in disgust, the driver of the black car is revealed to be the Marshal – he taunts Kate. She immediately grabs the when of the car she’s in, swerving off-road and causing the car to tumble and crash. The farmer is unconscious as the car catches fire, so Kate takes the time to haul him to safety only to find herself once again at the mercy of the Marshal.

Present: Kate has granted the Marshal his private conversation. He asks her what the favour was that she mentioned before the plane crashed. A short sequence follows once again showing Kate’s request for a favour moments before the plane rips apart. Kate looks sorrowfully at the Marshal and says she wanted him to make sure that Ray Mullen (the farmer) gets his $23000 (the reward for her capture). The Marshal is amused at her desire to help the man who ‘ratted her out’, and comments that she would have got away if she hadn’t dragged that man from the burning car. As the atmosphere intensifies in the tent, the Marshal says he knows he’s dying and asks Kate to end his suffering. Outside, a concerned Jack talks to Hurley who warns that Kate has a gun. As Jack rushes towards the tent, he sees Kate leaving. She gives him a mournful look as a single gunshot is heard from within. Sawyer emerges into the night, eyes wide, gun in his hand. He tells Jack he did what the doctor couldn’t, expressing regret at the situation but certainty that it needed to be done. Their argument is cut short by the sound of coughing from inside the tent. The Marshal is still alive – in aiming for the heart, Sawyer accidentally shot through his lung and death would take hours. Jack orders everyone away from the tent, knowing it must now be his responsibility to end the man’s suffering. A devastated Sawyer walks outside and attempts to light a cigarette as he hears the unmistakeable sounds of the Marshal being smothered from inside the tent. Moments later, Jack emerges and walks dismissively past Sawyer.

The next morning, on the beach, Locke sits facing the jungle and blowing into the whistle he crafted. In a matter of minutes, Vincent runs out of the trees. Locke quietly wakes Walt’s father and tells him he has found the dog. With great compassion he says he knows Walt recently lost his mother, and that it would be a good bonding experience for Walt’s father to return the dog to his son. The father is grateful. Meanwhile, Jack is sitting alone watching the ocean. Kate joins him and offers to tell him why she was a fugitive. Jack says he doesn’t want to know – it doesn’t matter, the past is irrelevant, and everyone who survived that crash needs to make a fresh start. She smiles, and the two sit in silence watching the sea.

In the final sequence, Hurley sits listening to his music as he watches the survivors. The Korean man looks lovingly at his sleeping wife. Boone gives some sunglasses to a grateful Shannon. Sayid tosses an apple to a remorseful Sawyer. Charlie scribbles the word ‘LATE’ on some bandages wrapped around his fingers as the pregnant woman sits talking to her ‘bump’. Walt is overjoyed to see his father approaching with his dog, and as the two embrace the wayward animal we see Locke observing from afar. Having been so instrumental in this joyous moment, one would expect Locke to be smiling as it unfolds, but instead he wears a powerfully intense countenance as the music fades and the episode concludes.  

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