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"GLEE: Season 4 Episode 20 (Lights Out)" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of GLEE: Season 4 Episode 20 (Lights Out).  See if you'd be interested in it...

Directed by: Paris Barclay 
Written by: Ryan Murphy

Summary by Benz Tan

Ouran High School Host Club

Plot summary:

   The episode opens with the glee club members entering the choir room, while Ryder looks at all of them with suspicion as he continues to text with the still-anoynymous Katie, asking her (or him, who knows) why she isn’t revealing her identity to him yet. Katie replies with a simple “IDK”. The ever-so popular Mr. Shuester then comes in and warns the glee club that one of their rivals in the upcoming Regionals, The Hoosierdaddies, has a lead (a quick cameo by Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up for last year’s American Idol), that has a powerful voice that could fill a stadium. He then is about to proceed to announce the week’s lesson of powerful songs, when the lights go out. The students of McKinley High then get their wild side on, with making out all over the hallway and classrooms exploding with cheering students. Principal Figgins then voices over the PA system that the electricity has gone out due to mysterious casues, and that lanterns will be passed around the students according to their respective GPA (which made me laugh out loud). Completely doing a 180* from what he just said a few seconds before, Mr. Shuester then announces “Unplugged Week” (Jesus, make up your mind Shuester).

The bell rings, and Jake and Ryder get out of the choir room, engaging a talk about Katie. Jake tries to convince Ryder to stop bothering himself with the Catfish, but Ryder says that he feels so much connection with Katie, to the point that he revealed to her a secret that nobody knows about. Jake asks Ryder what the secret was, but Ryder remains mum about it.

We then travel to New York, where Santana drags a horribly scarred lounge chair in their apartment, trying to convince Kurt and Rachel that with a few TLC and three clicks from Kurt’s ruby shoes, the chair would come out good as new. For what seems to be the millionth time this season, Kurt and Rachel ask Santana to sit down and have a confrontation with them. Thanks to a few lines from Tina, Kurt and Rachel find out that Santana has found new jobs: one being a bouncer in a lesbian bar, and the other being a cage dancer. Rachel tells Santana that she’s throwing her life away, with Santana retorting that she needs to earn money and that she hasn’t found out what she wants to do in New York yet. Kurt advises Santana to take extension classes at NYADA, but Santana is taking none of it.

Back in Lima, Sam performs an acoustic version of The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, with Ryder and the glee club performing back-up vocals. During the performance, Artie is lost in he’s doing with his phone and dosen’t even look at Sam playing the guitar. When it’s his turn to perform, Artie plays a note in the piano before crying out that he can’t perform and that he “needz mah synths”. Sam gets angry on not just Artie’s dependency on electronic music, but to the entire glee club, who has become too obsessed with cellphones and social media, that they fail to realize the joy of living in a techno-free environment.

In the office, Isabelle (played by Sarah Jessica Parker, after being absent for 11 episodes) calls Kurt into the office. They engage in a brief conversation that despite Kurt’s clash of schedule with Vogue and NYADA, Isabelle still supports him all the way. She then asks Kurt to help out in a major ballet fundraising event, to which Kurt overenthusiastically (which is an emotion Chris Colfer always succeeds in doing) says yes.

We then go to Sue’s plotline, where she’s currently enjoying her new job as a gym instructor in the 23 Hour Fitness Gym (…how does that even work?). We then cut to a Zumba performance of Eric Pryndz’ “Call on Me”, with Blaine and older women showing off their great thighs and legs (this number was a treat for both genders watching the show, which we don’t get a lot). After the performance, some of the dancers break out crying from the intensity of the session, while Blaine tries to convince Sue to come back to McKinley. Sue rejects his offer, and Blaine leaves.

We get to a brief scene with Artie and Sam, with the former telling the latter the wondrous experience of hearing the simple sounds of a simple water bottle being crushed then thrown to the dumpster, which echoes out a musical rythym to Artie’s ears. Later in the episode, the entire glee club then performs a version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” composed of ordinary everyday items.

Back in the apartment, Kurt shares the news to everyone, to which Rachel jumps up and down, while Santana rolls her eyes. Kurt and Rachel then reminisce their days back in practicing ballet, stating how much it helped them to become the person they are now today. Santana just lays a comment that while they were performing ballet, she was mastering the art of crunk (or was she?). Santana initially declines the offer, but after Kurt tells her that she could keep whatever outfit she wanted in the Vogue vault, she agrees.

Ryder then performs REM’s “Everybody Hurts”, with harps and other musical instruments playing in the background, before telling the entire glee club (well, except Brittany,Joe and Sugar, with the latter two being absent in many episodes now) a secret that he never told anyone except for Katie: He was molested by his babysitter as a child. This sends a split of reaction to the glee club, with Artie and Sam cheering that it’s an ultimate fantasy for any boy to have sex with their babysitter, while the rest looked shocked and offended with the former’s reaction. Ryder gets upset and puts on a face, while Kitty looks at him with pity.

Kitty then takes Ryder out on a date at Breadstix, where she shares her own story of being molested by her friend’s big brother. The situation got so bad that it caused her to change schools. She then tells Ryder that she knows exactly what he’s going through, to which Ryder holds Kitty’s hand. Becky catches Sue watching Roz Washington coaching the Cheerios, and urges her to come back. Sue rejects the offer, saying that she felt relieved of finally releasing herself from the everyday high school drama that she had to face for years. The scene then leads to a performance of “Little Girls”, which composes of Sue digging on the depths of the everyday drama of high school, with the ending sequence composed of dead Cheerios (…okay that was f***ed up).

Rachel,Kurt and Santana go to the event, where Santana engages herself in a conversation with Isabelle. Santana reaffirms her dislike of ballet, but Isabelle dosen’t believe a word of it, and we then lead to a very long long long performance of A Chorus Line’s “At The Ballet”. Santana then gets in touch with herself, and spills the the beans that she loves dancing, and that as a child, she felt most at home at the ballet studio, where she felt she could be herself for the first time. Isabelle advises her to go after what she loves and that “baby steps were okay”.

Becky causes Coach Roz so much annoyance (“She makes fart noises whenever I blink. People don’t fart when they blink, that’s crazy!”) that she sends Becky to Principal Figgins. Becky then tells Principal Figgins that it was her who actually shot the gun, not Sue.

At the library, Ryder chats with Katie, saying that one of the reasons why he told his secret to everyone in glee club was in order for him to see a reaction that could tell who was Katie. Ryder couldn’t tell who Katie was though, and resided on accepting that even though Katie will still remain a mystery, she has caused enough change in Ryder that he was fine with the current situation they were at, with Katie agreeing. Katie leaves the conversation for a bit, to which Kitty jumps in next to Ryder (now that was convenient), asking him if he wanted to go on another date. Ryder says that he has plans with Katie, to which Kitty gets upset (“Why would you go for an online fantasy instead of a real fantasy?”) and says that Katie is merely a projection of what Ryder wants her to be (which is an excellent line). Ryder tries to console Kitty, but Kitty leaves the room heartbroken.

Santana enters one of the NYADA classrooms, to which she’s already late for her first dance extension class. She puts on her usual sassy self, but when the dance teacher (clearly annoyed at Santana’s behaviour) asks why was she even in the room, Santana goes serious and replies that she wants to get in touch with her love of dancing again. While dancing, Santana sees an image of her younger self, and the two embrace, hope and dreams rekindled.

The episode ends with the New Directions performing Billy Joel’s “Longest Time”, with everyone looking happy and dancing around, while Kitty throws in a few longing glances at Ryder.  

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