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"Lost: Season 1 Episode 4 Walkabout" Summary

Looking for something new to watch? Here's a short summary of Lost: Season 1 Episode 4 Walkabout. See if you'd be interested in it...

Director: Jack Bender

Summary by Will Milton

Ouran High School Host Club

Plot summary:

   As the episode starts, we are brought once again to the immediate aftermath of the crash on the wreckage-strewn beach. A bald-headed, middle-aged man (whom we know is Mr Locke) wakes on the sand wearing a white shirt and beige kakis, but oddly shoeless. Amid the chaos, he lifts his head and stares intently at his feet as he wiggles his toes. His shock is obvious as he reaches for some shoes. A look of wonder at the devastation around him heralds a jump back to the present, where Locke sits by a fire on the beach as night falls over the survivors.

Walt and his father are trying desperately to stop Vincent barking, but the dog seems inconsolably unsettled. Rummaging and grunting is heard from the corpse-infested fuselage wreckage, drawing the attention of the tired beach dwellers. As it becomes evident that none of the survivors are unaccounted for, the question is who or what is in there? Tentatively advancing, the group takes a closer look before suddenly fleeing in terror at the sight of several large furry creatures that swiftly disappear into the jungle. Panicked survivors question what they have just seen, until a confident and calm Mr Locke answers with a smile: “Boars.”

Jack is treating a flesh wound Charlie picked up as the group reluctantly agrees that the remains of the deceased in the fuselage need to be burned to avoid attracting more wild animals. Jack takes on the role of cold realist, disregarding pleas for respect for the dead in favour of practicality. The fire will be lit tomorrow night, with the hope that a large fire in the darkness will be spotted by someone.

Next morning, Sayid is tinkering with electronics. He is focusing his attention on building a device to identify the source of the ominous distress call they found earlier. Kate offers her help. Meanwhile, Walt is playing with his dog and as he heads towards Mr Locke, his father intercepts him and asks for his assistance collecting firewood. The two fall out again, with Walt articulating the lack of a connection with his father. Down the beach, Hurley is attempting to take a rucksack from a resistant Sawyer. Jack and Sayid intervene, and as Sawyer defiantly states that the contents of the rucksack are salvaged for his own personal stash, Hurley reveals that the food supply is almost diminished. The group is alarmed, lacking the knowledge and skills to acquire food from the land, and as a sarcastic Sawyer sits down a knife zips through the air and plunges its blade into the seat next to him. It was thrown by Mr Locke, who declares “we hunt” before revealing he was legally carrying a case full of hunting knives on the plane. He demonstrates masterful knowledge of hunting as he speaks, quickly winning the confidence and respect of many in the group, but also raising questions about his past.

Flashback: A telephone rings, answered by ‘colonel’ Locke who discusses the details of a military operation at 1300 hours. Suddenly he is interrupted, and he is revealed to be working in an office being hounded by his boss to complete some reports asap. The boss, Randy, is young and very disrespectful to Locke, sarcastically calling him ‘colonel’. Locke gets back to work, disgruntled, as we hear a printer that sounds remarkably similar to one of the noises the island’s ‘monster’ makes.

Present: Kate is examining the knife Locke gave her. Jack arrives and questions why she is once again heading into the dangerous jungle. As they flirt, they express how impressive Locke was, but also concerns about his past. Unable to hide her hidden agenda from Jack, Kate explains that she is also carrying a device Sayid constructed that may be able to locate the source of the French distress signal. Walt is upset that his father won’t let him come on the hunt. The father approaches the Korean woman, with whom he feels he has made a small connection, and asks her to watch Walt while he’s away. The father finally reveals his name, which is Michael, and the Korean woman understands enough to agree to watch Walt. Michael tells Walt he intends to get to know Locke a little better, and leaves. Elsewhere the pregnant woman, revealed to be named Claire, approaches Jack with a notebook of wedding plans found among the wreckage. She asks Jack to help her lead a memorial service for the deceased using salvaged belongings, but he declines involvement in such a procedure. Boone observes the woman whom we know Jack had been sitting next to on the plane. She has sat alone, in silence, staring into the ocean ever since they got there. Boone asks a disinterested Shannon what she thinks he should do, and as the two begin bickering once again he ends up challenging his sister to prove her independence by acquiring some food for herself.

Locke and his hunting party are tracking the boars. Locke once again demonstrates his expertise, telling his comrades they are close. Elsewhere, Charlie is about to indulge in his addiction when he is tempted away by a seductive Shannon. She asks him if he would help her catch a fish, and her feminine charms are enough to gain his enthusiasm to help. Down the beach, Boone tells Jack of his concern about the detached woman who sits apparently grieving for her lost husband. Jack reluctantly agrees to check on her, revealing her name to be Rose. He talks to her, and she remains silent as he tries to encourage her to drink some water. He kindly opts to keep her company, sitting beside her in silence as the ocean laps against the shore.

In the jungle, the hunting party is tracking its prey. Michael tells Kate about the difficulties he’s having with Walt, as Locke listens intently. As Michael queries about Kate’s past, and her reasons for being in Australia before the crash, Locke interrupts at the sound of the nearby boars in the long grass. He silently directs them to surround their prey, but Michael’s carelessness alerts the boars who charge, knocking him down before disappearing into the jungle. Locke manages to pull Kate to safety, but Michael is wounded and needs to return to the beach. Locke, laid out flat on his back, once again looks down at his feet...

Flashback: Locke is playing a high-pressure strategic board game with a colleague before being mocked by his arrogant boss about his adequacy to be nicknamed ‘Colonel’. Randy sniggers at Locke’s plans to go on a ‘walkabout’ tour in the Australian outback, belittling the concept as well as Locke’s capability of surviving such an experience. Locke protests that a walkabout is a “journey of spiritual renewal where one derives strength from the Earth, and becomes inseparable from it”. Randy rolls his eyes, and as Locke’s friend congratulates his courage he asks “have you told Helen yet?” Amused that Locke has a woman in his life, Randy tells him to wake up and admit that ‘hunting’ and ‘walkabouts’ are things he just can’t do. Locke refers to a double amputee who defied his disability and scaled Mount Everest because it was his ‘destiny’. Locke clearly has faith in destiny, and utters to a departing Randy “don’t tell me what I can’t do”.

Present: Locke gingerly climbs to his feet, accidentally calling Kate Helen in his disorientated state. She is patching up Michael’s wound, pleading with Locke to help return him to camp. Determined, Locke insists he will pursue the fleeing boar alone. Kate protests he can’t do that, but a defiant Locke sets off muttering “don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

At the beach, Charlie has enlisted Hurley’s help to catch a fish. They are paddling in the shallows, attempting to impale one with a makeshift spear but failing miserably. The experience bonds the pair, who display a comedic unity in their shared frustrations but ultimately have a good time. Elsewhere, Claire approaches Sayid with an envelope bearing his name that she salvaged from the wreckage. He appears moved at seeing it, thanking her and pulling from it some photographs of a beautiful Arabic woman. Jack is still sitting with Rose, who finally breaks her silence to begin talking about her husband Bernard. She seems friendly and wise, and appreciative of Jack’s kindness. He tells her his caring disposition was not his motivation for becoming a doctor, but that he was in fact born into a family that pushed him into that profession.

Flashback: Locke is sitting at home, speaking on the phone to Helen about the liberating experience of standing up to his boss. He tells her he has booked himself the trip to Australia for his walkabout and invites her to come along. She reveals that although they been talking for 8 months, she is “not allowed to meet customers”. Clearly she is not a romantic partner, and Locke is hurt that sheregards him merely as a ‘client’. His despair and loneliness are obvious as she hangs up on him.

Present: Kate is helping Michael travel back to the beach. On the way, she pauses to attach Sayid’s antenna to the top of a large tree. Deeper in the jungle, Lock continues to head through the long grass pursuing the boar. Kate drops the antenna in shock as the familiar sounds of the island’s ‘monster’ are heard heading in Locke’s direction. Locke is unaware of the peril as he closes in on his prey. Locke begins to position himself to make the kill, but is abruptly halted by the arrival of the ‘monster’ in the thicket a few yards away. He recoils in fear as he beholds the looming figure emerge before him. We don’t see the creature, but regard Locke’s reaction to it as he is helplessly paralyzed by fear.

Back at the beach, Sawyer hands some wallets to Claire from his personal stash as she continues preparing for her memorial service. Walt watches the Korean woman making toothpaste from some kind of herb as Michael and Kate return. Walt meets his father with joy, while Kate is welcomed by some arrogant remarks from Sawyer about the lack of a reward for her hunting efforts. She walks past him dismissively, much to his disappointment. The question of where Mr Locke is arises, and the pair’s inability to answer causes concern among the survivors. Charlie finally delivers a fish to Shannon, who gloats to her brother that she was able to acquire some food ‘all by herself’. Boone apologizes to Charlie, informing him of Shannon’s manipulative nature as Charlie looks disappointed.

Jack tells Rose about the cremation and memorial service the group has planned for that night. He asks if she would like to say some words for her dead husband Bernard, but she insists he’s not dead – he was in the tail section that broke off mid-flight, and Rose believes they landed elsewhere and probably have similar doubts about the survival of the front section group. Jack looks doubtful, but as Rose departs he notices a smartly-dressed man standing by the tree line, staring back at him. The man doesn’t move as Jack takes several steps forward. Rose calls out, and in the instant Jack looks away the suited man vanishes. Haunted by what he has seen, Jack gazes at the spot where the mysterious figure was standing. Sayid is disappointed to see that the antenna he crafted was damaged when it fell from the tree. He surrenders momentarily to his frustration, but Kate reassures him that they can simply try again. Jack arrives, relieved to see Kate is unharmed. She tells him the last she knew of Locke was that the monster was moving in his direction, and that she believes he’s dead. Jack is saddened by this news, and tells Kate about the memorial service the group has planned before once again spotting the mysterious suited man standing by the tree line. This time, the man visibly walks into the trees, prompting Jack to rush off in pursuit with Kate in tow. A few yards into the trees there is no sign of the stranger, but a blood-soaked Locke emerges from the foliage dragging a dead boar behind him. He smiles proudly as Jack and Kate look in awe of his achievement.

That night, Claire is leading the memorial service as the plane fuselage burns. The group acknowledges sorrowfully the unfortunate passengers as their names and small details of their lives are read out. Charlie secretly uses some of his dwindling heroine supply before joining the others. Jack sits alone, mourning the departed in his own way. Michael reluctantly compliments Locke’s hunting, but questions whether Locke realized the monster was heading towards him. After a brief pause, Locke dishonestly states that he saw no sign of the so-called monster.

Flashback: In Australia, Locke is discussing his eligibility to participate in the walkabout with a tour guide. The guide is insisting Locke is not capable of taking part, despite desperate pleas to the contrary. Locke is accused of misrepresenting himself by neglecting to inform the company of his ‘condition’. Locke argues that it isn’t an issue, but the Australian man will not budge, telling Locke he ‘can’t do it’. As he leaves, we see that Locke is confined to a wheelchair, and he angrily demands “don’t ever tell me what I can’t do!” in his devastation that his destiny is being interrupted. Locke watches in anguish as the bus he was supposed to be on departs, after which we are returned to the moment Locke awoke immediately after the crash – his look of wonder as he wiggles his toes now makes complete sense; Locke was miraculously healed of his paralysis upon arriving at the island.

Present: At the memorial service, Locke’s visage is cloaked in intensity as he reflects upon the irony that such a tragic incident has indirectly set him back on the path to his destiny. He smiles as he glimpses his wheelchair one final time before it is consumed by the flames.  

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