Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Drop Dead Diva Season 1, Episode 1" Plot Summary

Produced by  Robert J Wilson.

Summary by Stella Mollen

Drop Dead Diva is a very intriguing series. In season one the first episode, the episode starts with Deb a an aspiring model getting ready to go for a modeling audition, but her journey tragically ends when she gets into a tragic accident where she dies. Meanwhile, Jane Bingum a super busy lawyer is in her office working when a gentleman who has scores to settle with her boss Parker comes in wanting to shoot him for sleeping with his wife and Jane accidentally takes the bullet for him.
Deb Dobson finds herself in heaven wondering how it looks. She meets this gate man Fred who weighs out her deeds while she was on earth and he is confused wondering what to do with her, but she presses the return button and she wakes up in a size sixteen body in a hospital. She is devastated and tries to convince Fred who is now her guardian angel to let her return to her own body but he tells her that she should be thankful she is alive and has to get used to her knew body which is Jane’s body. The guardian angel also informs her that her memories will remain with her but she has inherited Jane’s brains and body and from now on, she is Jane.

She goes to her house where she lived with her boyfriend Grayson only to try out Deb’s outfit but they do not fit her at all. Grayson walks in devastated by Deb’s death, she looks at him and accidentally drops her favorite green nail polish though she has to escape to avoid Grayson seeing her since she is not ‘Deb’. Jane goes to the office complaining just about everything about her new life to her guardian angel Fred who shows her assistant Teri Lee who also doubles up as her best friend and confidant. Teri takes her to the office where she finds her colleagues clapping for her and she is flummoxed wondering what is happening. Her assistant ‘reminds’ her of her heroic action of taking a bullet for Parker.

Jane then meets her Client Marcus and she absent minded just staring at the donuts ahead of her, Kim Kaswell her co-council takes pride in humiliating her due to her body size and esteem but she decides that she won’t be weighted down by her. The client is disappointed but then Jane who is Deb is just trying to fit into her new role and life as Jane. She takes her super car and while driving she receives a call from Teri informing her of a new client Mrs. Vicki Wellner who wants to divorce her husband. She later pays her friend Stacy who does not believe that she is Deb because she had died earlier that morning. Jane then has to remember their high school secrets in order to convince Stacy that she is Deb in someone else’s body.

The next day Jane tells  Fred that she is quitting her job as lawyer but Fred reminds her that people need her help but she dismisses him and heads to Debs or her funeral so to speak. While at the funeral, she finds out that Deb was selfish and when Teri calls her reminding her of the court session where she is Mr. Marcus’s lawyer, she asks Teri is she is a mean person but Teri reassures her that she is actually the most selfless person she has met. She then decides to go the court room and help her client. In the first hearing she does not perform well as she is getting used to being a lawyer and Kim rubs it in that she will never match up to her.

Apparently Kim and Jane did not have a great working relationship and they keep arguing about insignificant issues, though it hurts Jane so much when she sees that Kim and Grayson are getting on well while he takes her just as a mentor and nothing else. Its hurts her even more when she finds out that Grayson was to propose to ‘her’  the following week before she died. In a nut shell Jane later stands up and fights for her two clients Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Vicki and they later win their suits. She gives a very moving final speech in the court that convinces the jury who gives a him good money for compensation for losing his wife. Moreover, she manages to convince Mrs. Vicki to stand up to her husband who later gives her half of what they own after cheating on her with her younger sister. The episode ends when she is talking to Fred about her work telling him that She find sit fulfilling to have helped them and is starting to get comfortable with Jane’s body and life as she talks to her guardian angel Fred.

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