Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Drop Dead Diva Season 1, Episode 2" Plot Summary

Produced by  Robert J Wilson.
Season one: Episode two.

Summary by Stella Mollen

The second episode begins when Jane is upset about her wardrobe. Stacy assure her  that she does not have to get used to that body, and that she can go back to feeling like Deb only if she keeps the doughnut  away  get back to diet and exercise. She receives a call from Teri her assistant who tells her that she is late to work and she has a client waiting. Stacy tells her to be the boss and stop Teri from ordering her around. She tries that but she does not bring herself to being rude to Teri.

She arrives at the office to meet her client Lucy Tyner, who has been fired from the Sun bar for being a plus size woman. Jane sees Grayson talking to Kim and she is a little bit jealous but just walks on.

She gives her client the body check that skinny girls give fat girls and the client is not happy about it.
She sees her boss Parker talking with Kim and she asks him if he assigned that case to her because she is fat .Parker  tells her that he knew she will be the best person for the case and Kim reminds her that she actually begged to have that case. Kim gives her the body check and she actually feels how her client Lucy felt when she did that to her. She goes back to her client and assures her that she will win that case for her.

Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson are handling a divorce case between Mindy Billmeyer and Chad Billmeyer. Mindy wants half of what Chad owns and Chad being advised by his lawyers is advised to ask for his kidney which he donated to her. It gets complicated as Mindy is shocked at her husband’s request The case ends with both parties happy and the husband Chad grateful that his wife will always have a part of him with her. On the other hand, Stacy has come to see Jane and gets into an argument with Teri. She manages to go Jane’s office telling her that she brought her launch so that they can start working on getting Debs body back. They start with a squat which leaves Jane panting as Teri budges in informing her that she is due to go to court. She is asks for help up.

At the court, she does not perform well and she decides to call Stacy and ask her to meet her at the bar so that they can catch up. While there she is denied a free drink that is given to skinny girls and Stacy orders a diet drink for  her. She remembers how Deb met Grayson as Stacy goes over to say hi to their friends. She later goes to Jane’s apartment only to find Fred and she is shocked at how he got there.

Back at work Parker tells he to argue that being larger than the normal size is a disability and she does that to the disappointment of her client Lucy. Later that evening, she argues with Stacy and decides to move out of her apartment and as she goes back to her apartment she talks with Fred about how she is does want to be Jane anymore and she just wants Deb back.

The next morning she goes to work early to Teri’s surprise and Grayson comes to ask for her help concerning the case that he is handling with Kim. It is sentimental moment for her but she can’t tell him that she is actually Deb. Parker want to make a closing for her case because she messed up but she refuses to concede. She later makes a moving closing that leaves the sun bar with no choice but to settle. The sun bar also required to hire all the plus size women who showed up in the court room.

The episode closes with Jane and Fred chatting at her office and a cocktail of drink and cake in celebrating the contract that the firm signed due to her win.

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  1. What is the diet drink Stacy orders for Jane?