Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Drop Dead Diva Season 1, Episode 3

Produced by  Robert J Wilson.
Season one: Episode three.

Summary by: Stella Mollen.

The episode begins with a dream where Deb is the court room being asked by the judge to defend but she stands up, ushers Stacy in and the show begins. But then Jane wakes up just when she is about to reveal what is behind the curtains. Stacy and Jane plan to go for a road trip but the plans are interrupted by a client that Jane has to defend because she is about to lose her house.
Jane postpones the trip to the next paycheck and as she goes to court she becomes extremely emotional and the judge is forced to adjourn the sitting for the moment. Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson are handling a case where a client wants her husband back. She recommended him to a psychiatrist due to a personality disorder but the real him was taken away replacing him with some other personality. Kim finds Grayson talking to Jane and she lies to him that they have dinner with Parker. Jane feels bad but lets it go.

While in court Jane calls a witness a fat fucking liar and the judge holds her in contempt and is sent to prison for three hours. The judge who is her personal friend visits her and tells her to sober up and be the Jane that she used to know what really happened to her when she was shot. She calls Grayson who leaves Kim hanging at the hotel to pick her up. Again the meeting between them is sentimental but Grayson still does not know that she is Deb at times wonders why she knows so much about her.
She later goes to Stacy’s and while they are chatting she gets an idea of how she will win her case and Stacy agrees to pretend to be a business woman who wants her goods shipped but in less time just to justify how the company being sued over works its workers which led to the death of Jane’s client husband. Stacy actually manages to pull off the act of business woman and that helps Jane win her case and secure a house for her client. Meanwhile the case that Kim and Grayson are handling comes only for it to be revealed that the psychiatrist actually slept with her client.

Fred has a crush on Stacy but she is discouraged by Jane. He ignores Jane and goes ahead to tell Stacy how he feels about her but Stacy ignores him. The episode ends when Grayson is mad at Kim for tricking him into having dinner with and tells her that she could just have asked instead of tricking him. Kim later asks him out to dinner and he accepts.

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