Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breaking Bad Summary

When Walter White, a High School Chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with lung cancer, he is plunged into an introspective nightmare, where he looks at the life he lived as an underachiever and realizes the deep-seated anger that is boiling within him. Given the freedom of knowing that he is not long for this world, with almost nothing to lose, he starts cooking methamphetamine looking to make sure that his wife, son and unborn daughter have everything they need when he is gone. But what starts as a small operation, quickly gets out of hand thanks to Walter’s knack for Chemistry. He is soon found in the midst of world of crime where his resolve and intelligence are tested relentlessly. But how will his morality stand up to the trials of power? Are his motives really selfless, or is he driven by his greed and lust for power?

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