Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cast Away Summary

Chuck Noland, an employee at FedEx, travels via airplane alongside his companions and FedEx packages, crashes into a solitary island somewhere in Pacific Ocean. He was able to survive but unfortunately, the rest of the team were all dead. Meanwhile, his long-time girlfriend, Kelly Frears, was left depressed in her hometown Memphis, Tennessee while she heard the news for the couple were about to get married. For four years, Noland survived and was able to greatly perform fishing and creating fires while his appearance changed drastically. As he stumbled on the other side of the island, he discovered scraps from the damaged airplane and used it as his raft. While set sailing, he was found by a large cargo ship and was able to survive and return to his family. However, he learned that his long-time girlfriend married another man for she thought Noland has already been dead. The couple reunited and deeply expressed the unfinished love to each other but realized they're not going to share their future for Frears has been committed to another man.

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