Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chuck Summary

As a person facing her computer more than fifteen hours a day, you couldn't really blame me if I got addicted to this series called Chuck. It is a story about a nerd-turn-to-a-human-machine on where government secrets are downloaded into his brain. Now, Chuck, the protagonist used to be this ordinary guy, repairing computers on a store called Buy More, became the government’s most precious asset.

After that, his life turned upside down.

What interest me the most is the goofy, funny lines crafted by the writers of the show. I couldn’t remember a single episode where I did not laugh my heart out. As a matter of fact, this show had became my stress reliever for the past three years. Too bad, Chuck is over now although, Zachary Levi, the actor who played Chuck is planning to make a fan-funded movie and I am absolutely looking forward for that!

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