Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cloud Atlas Summary

"Cloud Atlas” traces a large-scale map of human passions and renders it as a hallucinatory journey that starts in the South Pacific, in the context of the nineteenth century’s colonization, and reaches the post-apocalyptic future. Six storytellers separated by time and space, but bound by key elements, reveal the secrets of the universe.

A U.S. notary exploring fresh colonized islands of the South Seas, a musician who tries to inspire his master, a journalist who saves the world from a nuclear disaster, an editor who discovers a dangerous bestseller and a clone created as part of a modern slavery system - all these storytellers create extraordinary narrative circles around dramatic histories of a post-apocalyptic island. Their plans intersect in common points that are in fact the themes of the novel: will power, cannibalism, and the way the past is always rewritten by those who have lived it.

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