Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frozen Summary

“Frozen” is one of those heartwarming Disney animations we grew up loving; full of music, a heartwarming story line, and of course a love story fit for your young princesses. With more production houses creating animations targeting a more mature audience, this specific one keeps with Disney’s unwritten theme of creating wholesome family entertainment. With changing times, however, the script kind of changes as well. The typical prince in shining armor story has been challenged in this particular script, along with the “helpless female” rhetoric as well. Disney has been under fire by radical feminists, and it seems to have responded in style. This delightful twist is delivered with plenty of catchy tunes, funny lines, and plucky characters: the ingredients that once made us all dream. This is definitely one of those stories your young ones will enjoy and provide a more mature audience with lovely memories of Disney’s magic.

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