Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gladiator Summary

My favourite movie of all time is Gladiator. I consider it a truly great film. Gladiator was released in the year 2000. Set in ancient Rome, it starred Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and other great actors.

But what made Gladiator great? The performance of Russell Crowe was breathtaking. He oozed leadership, courage and honour. He was the perfect man for the job of playing Maximus, the general who became a slave and the slave who became the greatest gladiator in Rome.

We however, will never forget the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. He was the villain, and believe you me, you felt the evil. He played the somewhat pitiful son of an emperor who was willing to kill his own father to gain power.

Gladiator was also a spectacle of big budget imagery of chaotic war, and amazing ancient towns and cities.  It truly deserved all the Oscars it received.

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