Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost Summary

My favorite TV show of all time happens to be Lost, ABC's bizarre mystery-drama with a huge cast of characters. Initially I saw the advertisements and thought it was some cheesy knock-off of Survivor. But one night I actually tuned in, and I was surprised and intrigued by the storyline. In that particular episode, an African and a British man were wandering through the jungle together when they were assaulted by a plume of black smoke. Meanwhile, a father was shocked to discover that an old computer in a hatch underground was sending messages to him, apparently from his missing son. After that, I was hooked. The mysteries of the island drew me in, and I grew to love the cast and the memorable island setting. There's Sawyer, the gruff Southern con artist with a soft spot for literature, and Hurley, the lovable fat guy who always makes light of every situation and can't seem to lose a single pound despite being stranded on an island. Then there's Ben, the complex, incredibly manipulative villain who never seems to be telling the whole truth. My personal favorite character is Ben's right-hand man, Richard Alpert, who has lived on the island since the 1800's, having been gifted with immortality. Lost explores many complex themes, such as good and evil, free will versus fate, and it even delves into time travel and multiple timelines. Over the years I've faithfully watched and rewatched the entire series, nearly to the point of memorizing every line. So far, no other television show has impacted me as profoundly as Lost.

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