Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modern Family Summary

There’s nothing more aptly titled a TV series than ABC’s Modern Family. It is the hilariously complicated story of the Pritchett’s - a family that embodies the most unconventional of family setups known in today’s America. The story revolves around Jay Pritchett, a 60-something self-made millionaire and his nuclear family. Jay is married to a very sexy Colombian woman 20 years his junior, Gloria, who has a young teenage boy from a former marriage, Manny. Jay has three kids, two from his first marriage: a gay son Mitch, and his daughter Claire – who has a very conventional-looking family, and an infant son with Gloria named Baby Joe. Mitch is engaged to his partner, Cameron – a conceited music-teacher-slash-football-coach former farm boy who has a problem hiding his emotions about everything. They have an adopted daughter from Vietnam, Lily, who has acquired the craziness and obnoxiousness of her dads. Claire is married to a flamboyant but very friendly real estate agent Phil Dunphy, who has spent his entire marriage trying to impress his father-in-law. They have three kids: Hailey – a pretty but not-so-smart 19-year old who got kicked out of college after the first 3 weeks of classes; Alex, the complete opposite of Hailey, and the youngest, Luke, who’s becoming a lot like his Dad. And the family tree is only the beginning of the story. Theirs is one big, unique, sometimes-conflicting, but very happy and very modern family.

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