Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modern Family Summary

As today’s family structure changes and social pressures place tighter constraints on image and fashion. Great shows are developed such as Modern Family. They make hard life decisions light hearted and solve situations in a family friendly way. As a versatile show it gives all family structures a glimpse into everyday life for all walks of life. It tackles normally awkward family issues such as blended families, family rivals, and even older children accepting a much younger step parent. Everyone helps even when they don't want to and it takes dedication and hard work to be a parent. It also shows parents it's ok to do things without the children or family. Combined with humor and seriousness it somehow relates to every family everywhere. Most important it shows that every family isn't always perfect but it shouldn't be. With all the accolades it has received past and present this show is definitely on the right track.

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