Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Big Bang Theory Summary

Watching TV is not something that I usually do, but when I know that The Big Bang Theory is coming on, it is time for me to clear the living room of kids and settle down for half an hour of non-stop laughing.

The characters in this program are hilarious and so well cast. Each and every one of them have such unique personalities, that it would be hard to imagine this show if one of them were not in it.

Sheldon in particular, is a unique individual who reminds me very much of a few people who I know. His cheeky innocence and dry humor are guaranteed to have me laughing uncontrollably.

The creators of this program definitely got it right when they came up with the idea for such a fantastic show. The Big Bang Theory has just the right mix of sarcasm, wit and quirkiness to make it the huge success that it is.

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