Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness Summary

The movie is all about the struggles of a father to keep his family afloat during hard financial times. The father, played by Will Smith, tried to move heaven and earth just to feed his family with all means possible since finding a job at that time seemed impossible.

In order to put food on the table and shoulder his daily expenses, he resorted to selling their family heirlooms, which at that moment, was not enough either.

Trials became so hard that at one time, he has to convince his son to sleep in a subway toilet while trying his best to keep the door shut when people tried opening it, just so his son can sleep soundly. He eventually landed a job at the end which turned their fortune around slowly but effectively.

A lot of moral lessons can be learned from this story, and one of them is the fact that perseverance when coupled with patience and love for family, can lead to self-discovery and eventual success no matter how rough the road to get there may seem to be.

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