Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two and a Half Men Summary

My favorite TV show is definitely "Two And A Half Men"
It's a comedy and family show which will never bore anyone :)
It's basically, about 2 brothers and a little kid.
The elder brother's name is "Charlie Harper". He's a successful Jingle writer and composer who owns a huge house right by the Malibu beach.He doesn't believe in marriage or relationships.He loves casual sex with strangers.
His junior brother's name is "Alan Harper" Who is a Chiropractor by profession and recently divorced by his wife.His wife took his house and kicked him out so  with no where else to go,he went to his brother Charlie's house with his 10 year old boy "JAKE".Jake is actually a little boy with no brain at all.He says and does stuff that pisses and surprises his father and his uncle.Now that's much of it.Alot of  beautiful women in the show and alot of laughter.Over all I love this show :)"

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