Monday, January 13, 2014

You've Got Mail Summary

You've Got Mail starred by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is my kind of movie.

In the movie,Tom Hanks portrays the role of a rich guy from a family that runs a big bookstore while Meg Ryan portrays the role of a little bookstore for kids owner. Although Tom Hanks has a publisher girlfriend and Meg Ryan has a writer boyfriend, both of them are chatmates online but do not deal with the specifics. They are so into chatting that they share with each other the daily happenings in their lives. Coincidentally, Tom Hank's family builds a big bookstore just across the street from where Meg Ryan's bookstore is located. Conflict develops between the two owners but without knowing their real identities they continue chatting as friends. In the middle of the story, Tom Hanks discovers her identity. Later, sometime after their breakup with their partners, they start meeting each other although Meg Ryan still does not have a clue that Tom Hanks is her chatmate. Meg Ryan only discovers it when they decide to meet in person, outside of the chatroom

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